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Nature Mikey

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Species of the Day: Andean Parakeet

Scientific Name: Bolborhynchus orbygnesius
Adult Size: A little over 6 1/2 inches
Adult Plumage: Both adults are green in general; yellow tinge to the forehead and lores that is less evident in females; blue-green greater underwing coverts and undertail flight coverts. Pale yellow green beak with a gray base; dark brown eyes with blue eye-rings
Call: Flight calls are a series of rapid notes and sharp chattering.

Quite rare in captivity, Andean parakeets are shy and quiet birds. They are extremely susceptible to cold, stress and infections, and are also known to die for no apparent reason. They will do best if housed communally with other Andean parakeets.

Housing: Indoor or outdoor (if in a warm climate) aviary type housing (16 X 9 X 6 ft dimensions).
Diet: Seed mixes such as millet, canary, hemp, oats and niger; wild bird food; fruits such as apple, pear, orange, banana, dried rowan berries, pomegranate and cactus fruits; vegetables such as carrot, celery, green beans and peas in the pod; leafy greens such as Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, chickweed, sow thistle; vitamin C and other supplements, rearing food and complete kibble.
Enrichment: Fresh, untreated tree branches for chewing; employ a variety of perches and chewing toys

Range: Northern Peru and central and western Bolivia
Habitat: Found in 9840 - 13,120 ft in elevation in semi-arid upland woods in subtropical and temperate zones including drier cloud forests, bushy habitats in ravines in open country, elfin woodlands and grassy slopes with bromeliads and scattered woodland patches. May also visit rural areas and farmlands.
Wild Diet: Consists of seeds, buds and berries
Ecology: Gregarious; often seen in pairs, small groups and occasionally large flocks of up to 300 individuals. Feeds in bamboo, brambles and leguminaceous trees. Forages in vegetation or on the ground.
Threat Summary: None at present:
IUCN Rating: Least Concern
CITES Rating: Appendix II

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