Nature Mikey

Nature Mikey

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breed of the Day: Akbash Dog

Country of Origin: Turkey
Group: Working; unrecognized
Purpose: Livestock guardian  
Average Life-Span: 10 to 11 years
Color: Solid white
Grooming: Brush weekly, bathe only as needed
Height/Weight: Dog- 90 to 140 lbs, 28 to 34 inches at the shoulder; Bitch- 75 to 105 lbs, 27 to 32 inches at the shoulder

    An ancient breed out of Turkey, the Akbash Dog is a striking white flock guard that has recently made a name for itself on American farms and ranches, where it protects its owner's livestock from bears, wolves and coyotes. As with many other white, flock guarding breeds, these dogs were raised with their charges, usually sheep, from puppy-hood. The Akbash breed is well known for their intelligence, bravery, cunning, independence and loyalty to their herds. As such the Akbash Dog is uncommon as a companion dog since they are largely bred to think on their own, and therefore make a sometimes difficult dog when it comes to training and obedience. They prefer large areas and may become discontent and exhibit behavioral problems if relegated to a pen or small yard, and Akbash dogs require tall, secure fencing for best containment. The Akbash is not a breed for everyone. It is a working breed that is happiest when given a herd to guard, or at least when kept mentally engaged.

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