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Nature Mikey

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Species of the Day: Common Pinktoe Tarantula

Scientific Name: Avicularia Avicularia
Range: Tropical areas of Brazil, Trinidad, Guyana, French Guyana, Surinam, Venezuela and throughout the Amazon Basin.
Type: Arboreal
Diet: Appropriately sized insects and the occasional feeder lizard or pinky mouse
Adult Size: 4 1/2 to 5 inches
Growth Rate: Moderate
Preferred Temperature: 75 to 85 degrees F
Preferred Humidity: 78 to 82%
Temperament: Docile and active
Housing: Spiderlings can live in a clear plastic container with holes. Adults can live in a 10 to 40 gallon tank; height is more important than floor space. Common Pinktoes can be kept communally if they are provided with adequate space, food and plenty of places to hide and if all the tarantulas are the same size.
Substrate: 2 to 3 inches of peat moss, potting soil or wood chips
Decor: Branches, live plants, vines, etc. make good hiding places and bases for webbing.

    This species of Pinktoe tarantula, known simply as the Common Pinktoe tarantula, is widely available, docile, beautiful and can be a little speedy. Although generally easy to care for, they can become more of a challenge if more than one are kept together in a terrarium. Unlike other tarantulas, the Common Pinktoe may be kept communally if done properly. Ventilation is very important with this species, and many people have lost tarantulas due to poor air quality. These tarantulas need higher humidity than most other species, and if the air in the tank is damp and stale, molds can grow, making it a dangerous environment. Overall, the Common Pinktoe tarantula can be an inexpensive and rewarding tarantula species for beginners and experts alike.

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