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Nature Mikey

Monday, February 21, 2011

Claire the Tarantula's Bio

    Claire is a Chilean Rosehair tarantula. She is my first tarantula and she wont be my last. Even though they must be kept individually, the great thing about tarantulas is that they require little space, they don't stink and they are easier to care for than even a gold fish, so it's not hard to keep a lot of them, and I do mean to own a lot of them in the future. Rosehairs are the most common starter tarantulas, being cheap, easy to find and usually good tempered. Most people in the hobby believe Rosehairs are boring and plain, which led to them to being called "Pet Rocks".
    However, you will get some odd-balls every now and then. Claire was, at the beginning, a good, docile tarantula, but over my few years of owning her she seems to have developed mood swings. True, she never is in a good mood, just different levels of irritability. She rarely tolerates being handled at all, and at best will allow you to pet her butt. On bad days, when I open the top of her cage to put food in, she flies out of her burrow and bum rushes me.
    Another thing that makes her differ from the norm of any tarantula really is her gluttonous behavior. Tarantulas are ambush hunters by nature and lie in wait for their prey to come to them. She can be seen actively hunting and going after her crickets. She usually never catches them this way, as tarantulas are quite slow, unless they make a mistake. I usually put four large crickets in with her to eat, and any normal tarantula will catch what they want to eat and leave the others until they get hungry. Claire on the other hand will catch every single one, wrap them up in a ball and then just eat the whole thing. Indeed, she is very entertaining to watch, and hope to have her with me for many years.

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