Nature Mikey

Nature Mikey

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Theresa the Tarantula's Bio

    This is Theresa, a Brazilian Black tarantula. She's around two years old and as you can see she's still very small, but she wont stay that way forever, even though it will feel like it. I love this tarantula. I love Claire too for the reasons that make her unique as a tarantula, but I love Theresa, for she is the poster child for good tarantula behavior. She is so docile and patient with me; she never freaks out, gets defensive or shows so much as a sliver of aggression, although granted I try to never push her to that point. Although, because of her size, I hardly ever handle her, I will pet her on the butt to keep her used to me, which she stays nice and still for. If she gets tired of it, she simply walks off without any fuss. I remember a time that I had to remove a cricket from her little deli cup she lives in. The thing was being difficult and hard to catch and Theresa was being a good sport through the whole ordeal. The cricket would run and hide underneath her and she would calmly get out of my way so that I could catch it. She's a very good eater, although I wouldn't exactly call her a pig like Claire. She may look a little shabby right now, but as an adult she'll have gleaming jet-black fur all over and will be quite the looker!

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