Nature Mikey

Nature Mikey

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mathilda the Leopard Gecko's Bio

    Mathilda is a three year old leopard gecko that I rescued after being horribly neglected by her previous owners. When I acquired her, she was emaciated, malnourished and developed Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). They did not provide her with proper husbandry, causing her to shed her skin improperly. There was so much buildup of dead skin around her feet that it was cutting off the blood flow and she has lost most of her toes. She is blind in her right eye and her spine, tail, both front legs and one back leg are permanently deformed. She can no longer catch her insects properly and has to be hand fed. But through all of her handicaps, she doesn't let a single thing get keep her down. Today, she is almost fully recovered from her ordeal. She has gained almost all of her weight back and developed a wonderful and sometimes feisty personality. When she's not giving me a smart little nip if I'm not careful, she's giving me lots of gecko kisses. She responds well to people now, coming out of her burrow to investigate when I'm bustling around doing chores. Mathilda has surprised me at what a good gecko she has become after her past experiences with people and I absolutely adore her as she grows stronger everyday.

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  1. i have a leopard gecko named leo he is 9 months old and 5 inches long. please give me advice for him because i am not a lizard expert.