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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breed of the day: Affenpinscher

It's high time I started up the breed/species of the day feature of my blog, a profile of different animals for prospective pet owners! And now, without further a due, I give you: The Affenpinscher!

Country of Origin: Germany
Group: Toy; recognized by the AKC in 1936
Purpose: Ratter, companion
Average Life-Span: 12 to 14 years
Color: Solid black, grey, silver, red, black and tan, or belge are all acceptable colors.
Grooming: Occasional professional grooming and hand-stripping
Height/Weight: 9 to 11 1/2 inches at the tall at the withers; 7 to 9 pounds

The Affenpinscher (translated from German as Monkey-Terrier) is a peppy dog that has the face and impish nature of a monkey. This wire-haired terrier-like breed acts like a bigger dog as he proudly struts around. The coat of an Affenpinscher is usually black, but they also come in gray, silver, red, or black and tan. A sturdy, compact dog with medium bone, they are not delicate in any way. Preferred height at the withers is 9 1/2 inches to 11 1/2 inches and the ideal weight is 7 to 9 pounds.

A Look Back
One of the most ancient of toy dogs, the Affenpinscher originated in Central Europe (Munich, Germany and France), where they earned the nickname "the little devil with a mustache." During the 17th century, small terriers were frequently kept around stables, on farms or in stores where they served as ratters. Bred down in size, these small terriers became companions in the home and kept mice from overrunning their mistresses' boudoirs.

Right Breed for You?
Affenpinschers have a fun-loving, sometimes mischievous,  personality. Their intelligence, appearance and attitude make them a good house pet, but children should always be taught how to properly handle the dog. Their small size makes them ideal for an apartment. They are very active indoors and most of their exercise needs can be met with indoor play, but they enjoy daily walks. Their wiry coat should be brushed and combed twice a week and trimmed twice a year.

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