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Nature Mikey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Species of the Day: Brazilian Black Tarantula

Scientific Name: Grammostola pulchra
Range: Grassland areas of Brazil and Uruguay
Type: Terrestrial
Diet: Spiderlings will eat pin-head crickets and other small insects, adults will eat adult crickets, other large insects, small lizards and the occasional pinkie mice.
Adult Size: Five to six inches
Growth Speed: Slow
Preferred Temperature: 75 to 85 degrees F
Humidity: 75 to 80%
Temperament: Docile and calm
Housing: Spiderlings can live in a clear, plastic deli cup with air holes. Adults can live in a 10 gallon tank; floor space is more important than height.
Substrate: 3 to 5 inches of ground coconut husk or potting soil
Decor: Not necessary but you can add a hiding log or cork bark

    The Brazilian black tarantula is often called the best pet tarantula, and with good reason! Brazilian black tarantulas are very docile, impressive and, hence the name, a gorgeous, jet-black spider. They are in the same genus as the Chilean rosehair (Grammostola rosea), but are slightly larger and more active. The Brazilian black, like the Chilean rosehair is known to go on fasts lasting for several months. Despite being very popular they're a litter harder to find and you may find yourself paying a high price for even an unsexed spiderling, but it is well worth it! Females of this species have been known to live for over 20 years. The Brazilian black tarantula is a great spider for the classroom, zoo displays and for any hobbyist!

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