Nature Mikey

Nature Mikey

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Species of the Day: Campbell's Hamster

Scientific Name: Phodopus campbelli
Size: Four to four and a half inches
Origin: Central Asia including Mongolia, China and Northern Russia
Life Expectancy: One to two years; occasionally longer
General Appearance: More commonly found in pet stores than other dwarf species of hamsters, the Campbell's has a plump, round body with short, soft and thick fur. Males are larger than females. This species in often confused with the dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster.
Temperament: Like some other dwarf species of hamsters, the Campbell's is willing to live in same-sex pairs if the two are brought up together from birth. It's nocturnal, but may be active for brief periods throughout the day. It's small size makes it a common escapee and difficult to handle, especially for young children, but otherwise it tends to be a good-natured pet. However, it may bite if handled improperly.
Varieties: Comes in a range of colors, from it's brownish gray to gray, sandy, white, black, black with a white band and more.

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